John Burke

I have been a summer resident of Chatham since 1963 when my family built one of the first houses in Riverbay. After graduating from Boston College and completing an MBA program at Babson College, I worked for 15 years at various ventures and owned several nightclubs, restaurants, and commercial properties in the Boston area. I also worked for a large commercial property owner who managed over 8 million square feet of real estate and bought and sold things on nearly a daily basis.

This diverse background and experience has really prepared me for getting involved in all aspects of Stage Harbor Real Estate. I have been involved in so many transactions, whether from a buyer's or seller's perspective that I know what things work in what application and can anticipate almost any potential problems with either residential or commercial transactions. I also know the Cape Cod market and how things work here. I enjoy living and working in Chatham, and look forward to meeting new people every day. I use my experience to help them find the property or business they came looking for.


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